Jiangsu Huacheng Industry Group Co. Ltd

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Finned Tubes

From China, we are a respectable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Finned Tubes. Our Finned Tubes are precisely designed and fabricated using top of the line quality basic materials. Known for dimensional accuracy, high tensile strength and corrosion resistance, our Finned Tubes are extensively demanded. Rely on us, for the most reasonable prices and timely deliveries.

Details :

  • We are specialized in providing aluminum finned tubes for partial supply of fin tube using heat transfer units in various industries
  • Currently extruded fin type, embeded 'g', 'l' and double'l' type fin tube are available for design conditions
  • With the continuous digestion and self-improvement of finned tube rolling equipments and the rolling process technical, we provide more than 20 types of common sizes bimetal extruded fin tubes and many special sizes single-metal, bimetal extruded fin tubes
  • Bimetal extruded fin tube has the advantages of high efficiency, strong corrosion resistant and long life as the international, technologically advanced heat transfer element
  • The base tube of double extruded fin tube can be ss, cs, corrosion resistant steel, copper and copper alloys, ti and ti alloys welcome the users choosing any kinds of our company's extruded fin tubes
  • Our company cooperates with institutes and manufactories provide first-class service for design and manufacture foreign equipments in china